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Stockholms skärgård vattenspegling

"The archipelago's beauty and power touches deep emotions within me."

In 1972, the fourteen year old Mats bought his first camera, and became highly passionate with photography. He photographed friends, relatives and streets in the town. A year later he had his first photo published in a photography contest in a major newspaper in Sweden. He got the third prize.

However, it took fifteen years to find the main theme in Mats life; the unique Stockholm archipelago. That occurred when he moved from central Stockholm to Tyresö-Brevik in the archipelago outside Stockholm.

One of his artist friends lured him on a short sailing trip out to Nämdö bay in a small boat. The vast number of islands, succeeding one another as far as the eye could see, was a great, almost magical, experience to Mats. There was harmony, drama, suspense, ancient power, and beauty. Archipelago scenery then came to strongly influence his mind.

The successful meeting between the archipelago and Mats interest in photography resulted in that he started the company "Mats Lindfors Archipelago Photography" in 1991 and he sold over 100,000 postcards in a few years. He was among the first to display images on the internet. The first web gallery was ten pictures from Dalarö, a small island community, in 1996. The number of visitors grew rapidly and so did the number of images.

As a result of the success Mats started "Webbkusten.com" - a gallery and stock photography - in 2004. It quickly became one of the most popular websites dealing with the Stockholm archipelago.

The interest in his pictures grew constantly and many people wanted to see and buy them. He then opened the "Gallery Mats Lindfors" in Stockholm 2008. "It is very exciting to get to meet those who like my pictures" says Mats.

Professional Photographer Mats Lindfors

Over twenty years of photography in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden has made me to experience it's beauty and variety in all seasons. 

Photos sold to: Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S.

Om Mats Lindfors | Webbkusten fotografi  (in Swedish)

Över tjugo års fotograferande i Stockholms skärgård har fått mig att uppleva skärgådens skönhet och variation under alla årstider.

Bilder sålda till: Danmark, England, Finland, Frankrike, Norge, Portugal, Sverige, Schweitz, Tyskland, USA.

Exempel på kunder i Sverige: IKEA, Båtnytt, WWF, Skärgårdsstiftelsen, Bonniers, Waxholmsbolaget, Stockholms läns landsting m.fl. 
Boken "Stockholm" till 2008 års Världsutställning med Kungens medverkan.


Fine Art Gallery and Stock Photo
Webbkusten | Granängsvägen 7 | Tyresö Stockholm | Sweden
Swedish website: www.webbkusten.se
phone: +46(0)762051750
e-mail: mats@webbkusten.com